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                           Better Pack® 754

 This state-of-the-art electronic machine packs the benefits of an automatic carton sealing system into a benchtop dispenser. Great for production line packaging.

 The BP 754 moistens, measures, dispenses, and cuts either reinforced or paper tape
 in lengths up to 100 inches. Its unique, three-position selector control provides
 operators with the flexibility to choose manual operation, auto-repeat or the
 traditional 1-2-2 tape dispensing pattern.

  As with all Better Packages electronic machines, the BP 754 features an enclosed,
  adjustable top heater, broad two-brush moistening system, and a large, one-liter
  water reservoir in order to ensure that each carton is sealed with a secure,
  permanent bond. The optional CodeTaper attachment imprints your custom
  message on tape as it is dispensed to discourage pilfering and cost-effectively code
  your cartons.

  The Better Pack 754 is the only Electronic Gummed Tape Dispenser which gives
  you every type of carton sealing capability from one machine.

 Three-position selector control for manual operation, auto repeat      .
Dual lengths up to 100".
Random button allows for any tape length.
Handles reinforced and paper gummed tape 1 1/4" to 4"
An operator controlled Delay Timer for tape dispensing in 0-30 second cycles.
comes complete with adjustable Top Heater for total reactivation of the glues                               on gummed tape. Two-brush moistening, large surface area. Totally enclosed, 1-liter water bottle. 115 volts, 60hz. Adjustable brush weights for optimum tape moistening.

   CODETAPER® attachment available to print tape as it is dispensed. Show
   company name, trademark, quantity, size, date, any message at all! Discourages
   pilferage. Automatic low-cost way to identify or code your cartons.

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