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Better Pack® 755

                            Better Packages' newest gummed tape dispenser. State-of-the-art electronic push
                            button controls give the operator 20 color-coded preset choices of length from 6" to
                            75", plus a random button for an infinite choice of lengths. Wide 2-brush moistening
                            system and adjustable top heater ensures minimum wipe down and a superior bond.

                            From the innovator in the development of gummed tape sealing machines with over
                            80 years of experience, the latest in electronic one-touch tape dispensing!

                            Better Packages® 755 couples modern styling with superior performance to
                            enhance the appearance, productivity and efficiency of any packing operation. This
                            unit handles both reinforced and paper gummed tapes in 1-1/4" to 4" widths.
                            Requires 115 volts power.

                            The large, one-liter water reservoir reduces downtime for refilling, and our high
                            capacity, two-brush design assures superior tape moistening. Our unique "Boxize®"
                            system enables easier and more efficient tape sealing for mixed size cartons,
                            eliminating measuring and wasted tape. The color-coded Tapeculator® signals the
                            operator which button to touch on the corresponding keyboard.

                            An optional CodeTaper® will imprint your custom message on tape as it is
                            dispensed, and our optional adjustable top heater automatically reactivates glue to
                            deliver the secure, permanent bond that only hot tape can assure.

                                 Rugged, easy to operate electronic keypad provides tape lengths from 6" to
                                 Modern styling enhances the image of your packing operation.
                                 Handles both reinforced and paper gummed tapes 1-1/4" to 4".
                                 Two brushes provide superior moistening.
                                 Large 1-liter water bottle.
                                 High efficiency adjustable top heater delivers Hot Tape for total reactivation
                                 of the glue on gummed tape.
                                 No measuring. No wasted tape.

                            CODETAPER® attachment available to print tape as it is dispensed. Show
                            company name, trademark, quantity, size, date, any message at all! Discourages
                            pilferage. Automatic low-cost way to identify or code your cartons.

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